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  • Alan was very pleasant, polite and hardworking

    Mrs Sarah Farmer

  • I would recommend you anytime

    Mrs Hall

  • Everything about the service was good

    Ruth Cobb

  • Definitely recommend, wonderful outcome

    Jane Hoysal

  • I had a leaflet put through my door so gave them a call. Had a...

    Mrs Woodman

  • Competitive pricing and quick booking

    Kirstin Gillott

  • Excellent service with very pleasant operator, I would highly...

    Mrs Harrison

  • Excellent service. Great value

    Diane Bullivant

  • Excellent job

    Ashley Cannon

  • Previous dealings with your service was a sure certain way to...

    Mrs Norma Bull

  • I will recommend the company to friends and neighbours.

    Tracey Cater

  • I've been using the Company now for 18 months/2 years - excellent...

    Kim Turner

  • My carpets needed cleaning for the first time have been for 11...

    Christine Church

  • My carpets needed cleaning and I saw there was a cleaner on site....

    L Grove

  • Have a puppy who has been soiling the carpets without us...

    Gemma Blackmore

  • Had a recommendation from a friend

    Mrs Grattan

  • Staff very competent

    Mr J Iqbal

  • Professional, courteous service over the phone. Service itself -...

    Julie Crosby

  • Always receive excellent service

    Kim Turner

  • Many thanks, good job

    Mr Hewitt

  • Excellent service 

    Claire Mclean

  • Had my leather settee cleaned - all was fine, thank you

    Debbie Bowles

  • Did a good job last year so rebooked!

    R Marsh

  • Exceptional service - very competent technician who provided extra...

  • Very good rates, excellent results

    Kay Hollis

  • Totally satisfactory service - most impressed with the speed and...

    Mr Harvey

  • Very good service. Prompt on time.

    Mr & Mrs Walker

  • Great would use again

    Sharon Clarke

  • Clear explanation of service, callbacks given promptly. Would use...

    Bernie Tuczemskyi

  • I have used this service before and will use for many years to...

    Mrs Constantine

  • Alan was efficient and courteous at all times. Prompt and punctual...

    Bernadette Holdridge

  • Very reliable, punctual and pleasant. Good job all round!

    Hannah Nasse

  • I knew someone that had used the Company and they had good...

    Maria Hawley

  • Excellent service, very satisfied.

    Carol Micklethwaite

  • Keep up the good work. Good rates and great work.

    Mr McGoldrick

  • Moving into a new flat - Thank you

    Michael Killourhy

  • Prompt and efficient

    Jan Strayer

  • Nothing could have been done better, all excellent.

    Andrew Waterworth

  • Had a recommendation from a friend - All staff friendly but...

    Mrs Darwen

  • Good, well mannered staff, worked hard, attention to detail...

    Alan Moores

  • Would recommend

    Mr and Mrs Perkins

  • You had previously cleaned my sons carpets and were happy with the...

    Yvonne Bolton

  • All good - efficient service, thanks

    C Phillips

  • Very polite and helpful - did a smashing job!

    Jenny Collins

  • Thank you for the great service.

    Joan Lee

  • heavy traffic area and some spot/stains

    Stephen King

  • I had a card posted through my door for carpet cleaning.  I...

    Lesley Platts

  • Very friendly service.

    Alan Walker

  • Would highly recommend the Company and their Sister Company -...

    Julie Pashley

  • Great service

    Paul Mordew

  • Pleasant and friendly Technician and didn't feel uncomfortable or...

    Carol Bray

  • Your firm posted a card through my letterbox prior to Christmas...

    Gill Hodgkinson

  • Excellent service - Technician was professional, knowledgeable and...

    Jo Robinson

  • Keep up the excellent work - it was fantastic.

    Garry & Honey Johns

  • I received a card through my door and the company looked...

    Felicity MacKenzie

  • Great, would use again.

    Sharon Clarke

  • Work carried out to a high standard with a friendly and...

    Ian Bartle

  • Very good service and technician.

    D Johnston

  • Have used the Company previously for carpet cleaning and their...

    P Doherty

  • Had great service previously.  Lovely office staff on...

    Helen Moxon

  • Very Professional

    T Smith

  • I've used you before.  You were efficient and friendly and...

    Beryl Thompson

  • Everything done to good standard. Have used the company before and...

    David Bartle

  • Fast, reliable, very efficient service.

    Ann Marie

  • Very efficient service

    Andrew McCoy

  • Local service with no chemicals. Very fast, friendly and efficient...

    Mrs Atkins

  • First class all round service

    Gordon Forster

  • Had a recommendation from my neighbour

    Jayne Sawley

  • Carpets looked much cleaner and fresher, thank you

    Elaine Walton

  • Excellent service

    Jim O'Grady

  • Alan is a good worker and very pleasant . 

    C Credland

  • Will be using again.

    Michelle Turner

  • I have used carpets2clean in the past and I have been very...

    B Snow

  • Very pleased with result

    Mrs Hollis

  • Excellent service.  Prompt and updates given

    Lesley Prendergast

  • I'd used your sister company, Ovens2Clean to clean my oven so...

    Jessica Rawlins

  • I used their sister Company Ovens2Clean and thought I'd use them...

    Stacy Sawbridge

  • Good service, very pleased with it

    Mrs Susan Robinson

  • Professional and convenient service.

    D Cooper

  • I used the upholstery cleaning service and the furniture looks...

    Mrs Brown

  • upholstery needed cleaning.

    Kathy Houseman

  • Excellent service. Technician (Alan) really nice and friendly and...

    Donna Hubbard

  • We are very satisfied :)

    Mrs Davies

  • Good service

    Kenneth Pearn

  • Very good rates and excellent results

    K Hollis

  • Very good service and technician.

    D Johnston

  • Great first contact, efficient and friendly. Excellent result and...

    Nigel Hussey

  • Very helpful and polite staff

    Rebecca Hoyle

  • Had the service recommended by a friend and was very pleased. It...

    Amanda Harwood

  • Very good service

    P Butcher

  • Good price and quick and reliable

    Miss Natalie Donnelly

  • I had the service recommended by a family member and can honestly...

    Mrs Norma Bull

  • Used Before 

    Mr Drury

  • I have used the sister Company Ovens2Clean and was happy with...

    Jackie Huntington

  • Will definitely use you again - excellent service.

    Rose Jones

  • Good advertising with the van

    Mrs Hussain

  • I will certainly use you again for my carpet cleaning and I have...

    Kim Turner

  • Excellent work, would highly recommend this company. 

    Mrs Round

  • Lovely people, professional service, excellent prices and a...

    Mrs Sue Jack

  • Very satisfied

    Daniel White

  • Carpet clean - good job

    Mr Wyatt

  • Carry on as now and we would recommend you to others.

    S Brookes

  • Received a card through my door. Everything first class.

    Pamela Hewitt

  • Competitive price and prompt service

    Margaret Bullivant

  • Excellent service

    Norma Goddard

  • Brilliant Service 

    B Reading

  • Would recommend you to others

    Mrs Gaubert

  • Excellent Service!

    Mrs Snowden

  • The main thing that made me book the service was the response on...

    Dr J Barn

  • Excellent service - pleasure to do business

    Liz Churton

  • Excellent service considerate and polite personnel

    Pat Wainwright

  • Seeing the advert locally then meeting the Technician who...

    Christine Ward

  • I've used the company before and they did a good job so booked...

    Linda Barnes

  • Excellent service

    Kelly Davis

  • Local Company, quick response!

    Samantha Smith

  • We needed someone to remove the smoke smell.  A good job well...

    Beryl Thompson

  • Prompt, efficient and courteous

    C Moss

  • After decorating needed the work doing. Very pleasant workman, job...

    Mrs Williams

  • Saw the reviews on facebook so thought I'd give it a try -...

    Jeanette Barker

  • The carpets have come up a treat. We didn't realise how dirty they...

    Greta Anson

  • Excellent service

    J Curtis

  • Excellent service, as before.

    B Snowden

  • I have used before and were happy with the excellent service....

    Lisa Bailey

  • Polite and pleasant technician sent.

    Della Maclean

  • The service is quick, thorough and courteous from start to finish....

    Gina Collins

  • I had my oven cleaned last year by their Sister Company,...

    Heather Mitchell

  • I received a card through the door just at the time I was thinking...

    Julia Bullars

  • Excellent service - 5*

    Rob JacklinExcellent

  • Perfect job. 

    Rachel Inman

  • I had the service recommended by a friend so thought I'd give it a...

    Carol Stickland

  • Competitive price and availability. The Technician worked hard and...

    Mrs Bullivant

  • Prompt, Efficient service.

    Mrs Enderby

  • Excellent job, well done. Very courteous technician.

    Mr Burton

  • Used company before and did a good job last time.

    Mrs Scotthorne

  • Prices looked very reasonable

    Sean Hulse

  • Great job

    Annabel Boyle

  • Had to wait quite a while for my appointment (2 weeks) - you are...

    Miss Jennifer Jackson

  • Reliable, friendly and efficient service

    Helen Bowen-Green

  • Very happy with everything :)

    Mrs Stevenson

  • My leather suite looked great after being cleaned, you can really...

    S Foulston

  • Very good service, very helpful and polite staff

    Mrs Muriel Marshall

  • Quick, clean and efficient service

    Mrs Knowles

  • Had a clean due to a stain on carpet - stain appears to have been...

    Olive Hammond

  • Fantastic job - Alan made my carpets like new again

    Vicky Smith

  • You cleaned my daughters carpets to a very high standard so she...

    Debbie Taylor

  • I was thinking about using your services for a while as you were...

    Mrs Glenis Hawley

  • Excellent service, thank you

    Michelle Abell

  • I have recently moved into a new property and the carpets were...

    Mrs Lisa Makol

  • I'm very happy!  Fabulous, thank you

    Abi Roughley

  • Very pleased with the service, happy experience overall and the...

    Mrs Jhagra

  • Had the service recommended so decided to give it a try.

    Carole Lancaster

  • Good service, Very happy with Alans work

    R Gandamala

  • Competitive pricing.

  • I bought a secondhand chair and tried to clean it myself but it...

    Mrs Clark

  • Good service.

    Linda Barnes

  • Excellent and efficient service, would highly recommend

    Kay Wassell

  • I am very happy with the service - excellent!

    Mrs D Ale

  • Really friendly & professional service.

    H Morley

  • Will definitely use your company again

    Sue Holmes

  • Excellent competitive and friendly service with excellent...

    Steven Fairham

  • Very happy with everything.

    Mrs Stevenson

  • Marvellous service

    Mrs Enid Burton

  • Having 2 dogs the carpets needed cleaning.  Perfect service,...

    Scott Cadman

  • Highly recommend your company to family and friends 

    Mrs Crabb

  • Technician very efficient and explained the process well. 

    Jessica Parkinson

  • The honesty of the staff when I rang the office made me book this...

    Sandra Murray

  • Friendly staff and prompt response

    Rebecca Atkinson

  • Professional attitude by staff on phone. Good price.

    Lynn Hanson

  • Very flexible with booking around removal date

    Sarah Marsh

  • Excellent service

    Mrs Laura Nicholson

  • Excellent prompt service , Carpet looked as good as new.

    Barbara Molyneux

  • Prompt service

    Mrs Frenz

  • Fab job - highly recommend

    Claire Narejko

  • Technician was friendly and exclellent at his job arrives on...

    Patricia Denny

  • Swift and friendly service.

    Mrs Issat

  • Very efficient. Had already passed on your phone number even...

    Mrs R Hyde

  • Alan again did a brilliant job. A pleasure to have in my home....

    Janet Askey

  • I received a card through my letterbox. If anyone is considering...

    Joanne Stephenson

  • I needed the carpets cleaning before re-letting the property. Good...

    Rekha Prasad

  • I heard it was a good firm to deal with.  A good satisfactory...

    Patsy Dickens

  • I was given your number by a family member - excellent service, my...

    John Stanley

  • initial difficulty booking online via web page.

    Lynn Laurence

  • Friendly excellent service - thank you

    Leslie Chrimes

  • We needed our carpet cleaning due to having a new puppy....

    Miss Helen Pashley

  • First class service.

    Sid Oates

  • Previously used the sister Company Ovens2Clean and was happy

    Laura Holt

  • Used the service previously for my oven cleaning and all...

    Peter Green

  • Very pleased with service and will use you again. Many thanks,...

    Deborah McDermot

  • Excellent service, as before.

    B Snowden

  • We had our cooker cleaned by the sister company Ovens2Clean and it...

    Mrs Hartley

  • Used service previously and happy with the service

    Jamie Morris

  • Had before and service is very good

    Mr Bates

  • When Eve came and looked around she gave me the confidence that...

    Andy Scott

  • A great job - the carpet looks new!

    Jane Smith

  • Technician polite and professional

    Mrs Barker

  • very good service will book you again.

    Mrs Housby

  • I had the service recommended by a relative. Excellent prompt...

    Mrs McQueen

  • Moving out of house and wanted the carpets refreshing

    Victoria Beever

  • I am very pleased with the service I have received. The results...

    Lindsey Dunn

  • Brilliant job. Thanks Alan

    Mr Heath

  • Daughter in Law booked the service for me.  Very polite,...

    Tracey Smales

  • First class service

    Sid Oates

  • Very satisfied.

    Mrs Armishaw

  • Very polite and professional service provided. Good interaction...

    Mrs Sheldon

  • Very helpful staff and great service

    Mrs Brookes

  • Repeat customer

    Mr & Mrs Dolby

  • Freshened up our carpets

    Nora Rees

  • Excellent service, generally very quick.

    Mrs Porritt

  • I heard about this Company from my neighbour who had used the...

    Louise Prestwich

  • Efficient, Prompt and pleasant

    Mrs baker

  • Very good job and good rates.  All was fine

    Mrs House

  • Very happy with the work carried out

    John Wheeler

  • Prompt & efficient service

    Jacqueline Bennett

  • Very professional and friendly - both ladies on the phone and Alan...

    Sharon Miller

  • Polite and pleasant technician sent

    Della Maclean

  • Have used the service before and have already booked the service...

    W Hellams and G Polanski

  • Quick, effective, courteous.

    Mrs Hefford

  • Good service, Very happy with Alans work

    R Gandamala

  • Excellent service

    Mr Brewster

  • All round excellent service, professional technician, never rang...

    Mrs Shepherd

  • Well done - very good

    Roy Clark

  • Everything fine - thanks

    Paula Halpin

  • Very good service.

    Mrs Jennings

  • Stunning Job and Alan was very polite

    Jonathan Fox

  • I am very pleased with the service I have received. The results...

    Lindsey Dunn

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