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Carpet Care Advice

Save yourself the expense of replacing carpets by following this simple carpet cleaning advice.


Regularly clean the area around your door and get a new door mat. This will
help reduce the amount of dirt entering your home and coming into contact with
your carpets.


Vacuum regularly. Manufacturers recommend that carpets are vacuumed 2-3 times
a week to reduce dirt particles setting into the pile of the carpet. This will also remove dust mites.


Reduce traffic flow ware. These are the areas of carpet that are walked upon constantly. These areas ware faster than the remainder of the carpet and once worn are very difficult to clean to a high standard. We recommend that you rearrange your furniture on a regular basis to spread the ware on your carpet.


Accidents will happen, clean spills immediately. Most stains can be removed by blotting not brushing. Always work from the outside to the middle to contain the stain.
If the stain can't be removed contact us immediately, it won't go away!


Regular professional deep cleaning. Manufacturers recommend that on average carpets should be cleaned annually. This will prolong the life of your carpets.


Stain protection. This will protect your carpets and prolong their life.