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Our Process

This is how we return your carpets to near new condition.

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Stage One

On arrival we will carry out tests to make certain your carpets are safe to clean.
If we believe there might be an issue with cleaning we will inform you. Overshoes are worn by the technician when walking on your floors and carpets.

Stage Two

Ornaments and small pieces of furniture need to be removed before we arrive.
However we can move larger pieces of furniture around as we carry out the
cleaning process.

Stage Three

The carpets are cleaned with an industrial standard vacuum cleaner to remove all loose surface dirt particles.

Stage Four

Any stains are inspected and sprayed with the appropriate eco-friendly based chemicals to help with removal. All stains are not the same and removal of some may incur an extra charge.

Stage Five

The carpets to be cleaned are sprayed with eco-friendly chemicals to aid loosening
of particles before cleaning commences. This reduces the need for excessive water application and therefore aids drying.

Stage Six

Once the eco-friendly chemicals have been applied the carpet pile is agitated with
a commercial machine to loosen any particles attached to the pile of the carpet.

Stage Seven

We now start the rinsing and drying process with our hot water deep extraction equipment. This removes the dirt from deep down in the pile of your carpet.

Stage Eight

The cleaned carpets are groomed to raise the pile to an upright position.

Stage Nine

The cleaned carpets should be dry and ready to use in approx. 2 - 3 hours.
Drying fans can be positioned to aid this process.

Stage Ten

You inspect your cleaned carpets, approve the service and make a payment.